Red Cross

App Critique


UX Designer


1 hour

Project Type

Passion Project


“Always be prepared to be a hero”

Red Cross’ First Aid app helps give users instant information about the most common first aid emergencies. The methods they use to convey this information are through videos, step-by-step advice, and interactive quizzes.

The problem this app is trying to solve is the lack of knowledge about first aid emergencies and the minimal understanding of the procedural methods to conduct proper first aid safely and effectively.

The way the app solves the problem is by providing instant information about first aid emergencies and making information readily available for users interested in learning more about conducting first aid. 

Main Users

Target User #1

This app can target people who are responsible for caring for young children or an elderly person who is more susceptible to being in first aid emergencies. It would be necessary to be equipped with the correct information regarding emergencies. Some goals these people may have is to ensure a safe environment for those they are responsible for, respond with the correct procedures to an emergency, and minimize any possibility of an emergency. 

Target User #2

It can also be helpful for good Samaritans who are inclined to help other people and want to be equipped with the necessary information just in case of an emergency. A goal for good Samaritans can be to always be ready for an emergency. 

Target User #3

The app can be targeted toward people that deal with safety and emergencies such as security guards, lifeguards, etc.  

I will use the first user flow: people who are responsible for caring for young children or an elderly person who is more susceptible to being in first aid emergencies. 

Red Cross

When on the emergency tab there are various instructions for different emergencies. Clicking on an emergency will bring the instructions that you have to follow. 

Red Cross

However, sometimes you will have to additionally click on “Learn more” to get a more comprehensive guide on what to do. It would be much better to have the instructions all on one page rather than clicking further to get the instructions.

Red Cross

After clicking "Learn More", here is the comprehensive guide on what do for the emergency.

As someone who is in a state of emergency, it would be helpful to have a text-to-voice feature allowing the user to listen to the instructions rather than only read them. Reading in a panic state can make you skip important details which would be critical for an emergency. 

The hierarchy of information can be improved to make it easier to digest. Having information close together makes it difficult to read. More spacing between paragraphs can make the information easier to read. Different fonts and bolding certain parts can bring attention to parts that are important in an emergency. 

The iconography is inconsistent and used multiple times for different emergencies. For example, Heart Attack has the same icon as Mental Health and Stroke. Heart Attack had a different icon in the Learn tab, which seemed more suitable for that emergency.

Difficult to find ways to change languages. It is hidden in “Settings” which is the only feature in the settings. This can be changed to be more visible to the user and can include more languages that fit the user's location. 

Last Steps

The Red Cross app has opportunities to grow and evolve its product.

A short-term strategy for Red Cross can be to fix the information hierarchy in the emergency tab allowing for a smoother process for caretakers. These tasks are not time intensive and do not require substantial resources to fix.

A long-term strategy for Red Cross would be to have a more inclusive design by including more languages, text-to-speech features, and other features that can help users.